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Seminare: Digitalisation
5G and Digital Transformation Training


     Thursday, 24. September 2020 - Friday, 25. September 2020

Introduction to 5G and other connectivity technologies. Monetisation and business aspects of 5G
days online course


Scope and Content

This training aims to deliver a broad technology and business understanding of an emerging 5G technology as well as its role in digital transformation including 3 case studies to reinforce the learnings. It offers rich content on business aspects for executives such as value chain, business case and ROI, cost drivers, deployment strategies, and operations.

Day 1:

  • Technology Introduction
    • What is 5G? (spectrum, standards, etc.)
    • What are the key technologies? (M-MIMO, Slicing, SDN, NEF, Virtualisation, MEC, Cloud)
    • What mission it carries in digital transformation?
    • What are the alternative connectivity technologies?
    • How 5G differs from Wi-Fi6 and 4G.
    • What is the roadmap of technology capabilities?
  • Connectivity Market Outlook
    • Who are the key players in the market? (vendors, integrators, 3rd parties, suppliers)
    • What use cases are there in different sectors? Short, mid, long-term realisation potentials.
    • What is the financial forecast for connectivity solutions?
    • What are the challenges in the market? (Inter-operability, ecosystem, tech maturity)
    • Who is interested in 5G? (sector-based trends, PoCs, and developments)
    • Which standardisation bodies are there and what are their missions?
  • Digital Transformation with 5G
    • How can I carry out requirement analysis for digitalisation of my business?
    • How can I identify whether 5G is the best fit for me or not?
    • How can I justify the business case of 5G solution?
    • How can I design an E2E 5G solution for my business?
    • What are (key) considerations for operating 5G networks?
    • Two real life examples of digital transformation with 5G.

Day 2:

  • Business Models and Partnerships in 5G
    • Which business models are used in 5G technology for different parties?
    • What kind of partnerships are built with their pros and cons?
    • What are the key activities and key resources in (a) 5G business model(s)?
    • How to achieve unique value proposition with 5G.
    • How can I create and manage an ecosystem?
  • Business Case of 5G
    • What are CAPEX and OPEX cost drivers?
    • How can I calculate the Total Cost of Ownership?
    • How can I calculate and justify my Return on Investment?
    • How can I assess the risks and mitigate them?
  • Sustainable 5G Deployment Strategy
    • How to align your business goals into 5G deployment strategy.
    • How to select your suppliers. (RFQs, metrics, criteria)
    • How to optimise 5G OPEX and CAPEX.
    • What aspects must be considered for healthy and scalable deployment?
    • What is the best fitting 5G operation strategy? (in-house vs. outsourced)


Target Groups

Digital Transformers: High-level managers from different industries interested in digital transformation by leveraging 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi6 technologies for their own business use cases

Value Creators: High-level managers who like to understand the entire value chain of connectivity solutions in digital transformation practice, and thus, position themselves in the entire value creation ecosystem

Investors or Finance People: High-level managers who like to understand financial and commercial aspects of connectivity solutions (business case of connectivity solutions, TCO of particular solutions, ROI)

Business Developers: Business development people looking for new business opportunities especially with 4G, 5G and Wi-Fi6 technologies

Product Managers: Product management people who are interested (or already working) in product / portfolio development by using emerging connectivity technologies (5G and Wi-Fi6)

Explorers: Technical people or high-level managers who require a comprehensive understanding of emerging connectivity technologies such as 5G and Wi-Fi6 and want to understand their business aspects

Technical People: Technical people specifically focussing on emerging connectivity technologies such as 5G and Wi-Fi6 with? in? their industrial use cases, and looking for the best connectivity solution for their own business use cases

Engineers: Technical people who are looking for operational aspects of connectivity technologies (private vs. public deployments, in-house vs. outsourced operations)


Date & Time

to be defined
both days 09:00 h – 12:30 h & 14:00 h – 17:00 h incl. short breaks

Your Trainer

Johann S. Schmid - CEO, Consultant and Coach

Venue & technical information
The training will take place on the Zoom platform. After registering, you will receive a dial-in link with further information. To participate in the seminar, you need a headset with a microphone and a web camera (internal PC or external web camera) and a reasonably stable internet connection. If you take part in the seminar in your office, please look for a quiet (conference) room for this day.

Group size
The training is planned as an open seminar with a group size of up to 20 people.

Seminar documents
At the end of the training you will get following seminar documents: 5G business case evalutator, 5G project setup, 5G technology capability flyer.

Your investment
On request - The seminar price includes extensive documents. The price is per participant. If you are interested in customed-tailored or in-house trainings, please contact us. 
Our general terms and conditions apply.


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